Our Cats!

We have enjoyed living with cats. They make especially good pets since they can take care of themselves when we take off on extended camping or motorcycle trips. Below is a picture of our beloved cat, "Scooter". She loved to be tucked into my leather jacket and ride with me on the Harley. You would think the noise would scare her, but that was not the case. Scooter and I shared a great trust and enjoyed being together.

When we lost Scooter in 1997 to cancer, we waited a few weeks and went to the animal shelter and took home "Skeeter". Skeeter was in some ways like Scooter in that she loved to travel on the highway, but only in my truck (not to fond of the rumblin' Mopar either). When I fire up the Harley, Skeeter runs like the wind in the opposite direction.

Skeeter loves to sit on top of my warm computer monitor or sit on my lap while we watch TV.

A love of our lives was killed by a car on 11 July 2004. His name was "El Gee".

We called him El Gee because his real name was "Little Guy". So we go from Little Guy to L.G. to El Gee!

El Gee just showed up in the drive way about 2 years ago. We think he was born on the 4th of July 2002, and was a remarkable friend, companion and playmate.

I called him a love sponge because you just wanted to hug him and deposit love and when you need a love hit, all you had to do is call him over and give him a squeeze! We loved him with all our hearts and miss him very much!

We now again have a total of four cats, "Skeeter", "Mel", her daughter "Harley" and the newest member of the family:

"El Bee" (Little Boy).

I will be adding many more pics of El Bee shortly.

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Mel is the grey and white longhair, Harley is the 33 pound Maine Coon and almost white, El Gee, weighs in at about 6 pounds.

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