1991 Harley Davidson Page

I have been riding motorcycles since I was about 10 years old. The first bike was a Cushman 5hp trail bike. This was basically a small frame surrounding a lawn mower motor. Later I rode a Honda 90cc job. This was the bike that I learned the basics of biking!

Check out this picture of my old man sitting on top of the 90cc beast:

In 1968, I took my Washington State Motorcycle exam. In those days you could take the test on a Honda 90 and then go downtown and purchase a big Harley and be entirely legal! I can tell you from first hand experience that a Honda 90 likes to drive slow and tight around traffic cones way better than a 600 pound hog does!

In 1991, when I hit 40 years old, I knew it was time to buy my first Harley. I lived in England at the time and it did make the purchase of a new Hog both more expensive and difficult. I went down to the local Harley dealer and worked out all the paper work. I had to pay for the shipping of the bike from the US to the UK, but on July 4, 1991, I took possesion of a brand new Harley-Davidson 883 Deluxe!

I turned that 883 into a pretty hot 1200cc (74CID) in 1997 when the 883 came apart at 70mph on I-90. Oh well, time for a set of Andrews Cams, High Compression (10:1) pistons and enough goodies to get her up to about 80HP.

In 2000, I added a 3.2 gal tank, windscreen and short and wide seat.

Click on the thumbnails below to view pictures of my Hog and a few of the runs that Josie and I have made over the years. I will add information and more pics in the future!

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