The Docks

The next step was to create the docks to tie the boats to. One would think that perhaps just bringing the boat up to the shore and tie it to a tree would be good enough. Well, ever try to put 6 - 8 people in a boat, all the fishing gear, etc, with out the ability to board from the side? Besides, docks are cool to sit on and night fish, star gaze or just enjoy the sounds and smells of the river.
The first pics are of my brother's dock. Notice how he tried to bop my friend in the head? She is real fast with a electric screwdriver.

Next would by my skinny (30' X 36") dock. We had to put the dock in when the water was down and that meant winter dock construction. Damn that dirt was cold and frozen.

In some pictures below, you can see the flame thrower we used to thaw the ground enough to dig up and put the 4X4's in. Until you build one, you can't appreciate how much work it is.