1972 Plymouth Roadrunner -- As she was in 1994


Seems like everyone who is in to modifying muscle cars, finds an old Chevy and shoves in a 350CID engine and has a very easy time finding parts.

I have never been a Chevy fan and almost died when I heard some Mopar owners have even dumped GM engines in their classics because "real" Mopar parts are "so expensive and hard to find!

The very fact that Classic Mopars are fairly rare makes them that much more valuable!

I don't know if the fact that my first car was a 1956 Plymouth or was it that I first got laid in a 1968 Dodge Superbee that had the biggest impact with my future love of Mopars!

Don't matter! The car below was destined to be a lifetime joy. You can see the condition was sorta .. well .. used. But it was an original big block 400CID, with the sports console, 150mph speedo, dual exhaust, 4 speed Hurst, yup it was the real thing.

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