72 Plymouth Roadrunner -- Finishing It Up 2002

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Here is my chief mechanic and full time brother, "a master of his craft" reading the instructions on how to put rock chip guards on the car.

These "mud flaps" will help keep the molten burning rubber off the back of the car and perhaps keep the occasional rocks thrown up by the back tires from chipping of the paint behind the tires.

At first "we" tried to drill the screw holes with out removing those Cragar Mags.

Even with a cool 90 degree air powered drill, it just wasn't gonna happen.

If you know the hassle of all the nuts and washers required to mount these wheels, then I don't have to tell you why we tried NOT to remove them in the first place.

In this shot, you can see that we need to paint the inside of those wheel wells. I plan to use that rubberized black undercoat paint.

The flap is now in place and I was surprised how much time it took to make sure it was straight.

Notice I finally have those side marker lights installed as well.

My next problem was to deal a death blow to that crooked right exhaust tip. Don't know how it got welded on wrong, but my brother soon had it fixed.

Notice the collector plate that means I never have to license the car ever again.

First step was to cut off the old weld with a high speed cutting wheel.

Sparks are everywhere and sorta funny when they fell on my brother's bare belly.

I guess it's no big deal that the gas tank over my brother's head is full of 20 gallons of high test with a bottle of 108 Octane boost.
Since we really don't want to do this again and again, we need to measure the exhaust tip against the floor and the left tip. I thought this looked cool. Again, real men are not afraid to weld under full gas tanks.