72 Plymouth Roadrunner -- A few "Oops"

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This is what happened when I just couldn't wait to fire the mother up and run it up and down a small dirt hill.

The run down went okay, but the run up caught the bottom of the radiator and shoved it straight into my fan.

BRILLIANT especially when the car was down to bare metal!

A small welding incident here.

My brother was a welding on the outside and casually setting everything on the inside on FIRE!

I guess you shouldn't work on a car with a full trunk load of crap, but there was enough in there to burn real good.

Here you can see the scorch marks up the right side of the trunk where a box of plastic wire ties and other electronic stuff sorta flamed up!

Some of my Mopar books and the entire instruction set for the MSD 6A ignition system went up in flame and smoke!

With the trunk now empty you can see how lucky I was.

All this rust was removed and you can see how I restored this area in other pictures on this web site.

Yet one more thing to think about before you slam your hood down.

Did you leave a socket on top of your radiator cap?

If so, you just dented the shit out of your hood.

This was repaired when we did a complete wetsand the second time we painted the bird.

The dent was pushed down a bit and then filed to this mode.

A thin bit of bondo, and a complete paint job fixes this nicely.

Yet another lesson in New vs Old.

Guess what happens when you take a 30 year 255HP car up to about 390HP and stand on it?

Yep.. the U joint said "I quit" I left the entire drive line behind.

Great excuse to spend another $200 on a drive line that can take it. Notice the orginal drive line on the left? It has a tapered down end point and standard Shucks U-Joints.

I had a High Performance Drive Line built.

Compare this one to the one on the far left?

So far.. It has held together nicely...

Wonder if it can handle a NOS upgrade?

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