I want to thank the guys at SUMMIT RACING, especially "Maverick" who went well out of his way to help me solve a major problem today (6/15/06) with my clutch.

The guys at TUNE TECH could not put the Stroker back in the car because my old clutch was basically worthless.

The problem was the custom clutch I ordered back in 2004 was NOT what I actually received. So when we measured the "bad" parts to order new ones, of course the "new" ones were also incorrect.

The bottom line here is that Maverick worked with Jade to measure this and examine that and just do what needed to be done to fix all the problems.

I HIGHLY recommend both TUNE TECH and SUMMIT RACING for your high performance classic cars. It may sound like a paid endorsement, but I am paying TUNE TECH & SUMMIT for the top notch service and support, they are NOT paying me... (which would be pretty cool if it were to happen!)