72 Plymouth 400 CID

72 Plymouth Roadrunner -- 400 Cubic Inches

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We pulled the engine out in 1995 and started removing "stuff" to see how the original engine was doing. Everything we took apart showed serious wear and tear. Valves were burnt, the Crank had spun and bearings were shot. Rings were broke and engine wires looked more like a spider web. Flywheel was toast, transmission was hit and miss with grinding shot syncro's. The entire drive train would need to be rebuilt. It took till 1997 to save enough money to complete the engine rebuild. After painting the engine bay, we stuffed the rebuilt big block back where it would do the most good. She had new heads with 3 way valve cuts, hardened valve seats, hemi springs and all the rest. The crank had been turned and balanced. We stuck in a Purple Shaft high lift cam, brought the compression up, new intake manifold and a pair of Hooker headers. The flywheel, clutch and tranny had been rebuilt and a 4:10 sure grip stuffed into the 8 3/4 rear end.

The car came with a lame 3.23 open rear end and traction was a problem. One wheel burn-outs are really not that impressive to me.

My wife is trying to figure out what I'm spending all my time and money on!